Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I get so damn tired of logging into facebook and people post these pictures of women who have nearly perfect bodies and yet they have things like "too fat", "too big" written on themselves and people saying "like" if you don't like your body and these teenage girls who like it. Who the hell ever said that someone else has the right to tell anyone else what their body should or shouldn't look like.  And how the hell would some teenage boy barely out of puberty know anything about what a womans body should or shouldn't look like.  Just because he see's it in magazines or on tv he thinks he knows?!

I am infuriated by lowlife wanna be's  who continually do things to lower another persons self esteem by telling them how they should or shouldn't look. It is your own body and no one else's.  I will wear my tattoos because it is my body.  I will show my scars proudly because I EARNED them. Every stretchmark, every wrinkle, every gray hair. If I have issues with my body it is my own, it is NOT for someone else to tell me how I should or shouldn't look. 

You are an individual, you are NOT like everyone else and NO ONE has the right to tell you any different.  I may not be beautiful by your standards but I am proud of who I am.

Oh, and just for those 'little boys' who think they have the right to say it, someday a woman is going to judge the size of your penis, and you have no control over that either so think about it before you open your mouth again.

This is my rant for the day.

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